Cordobond International
The number 1 manufactures and supplier
of two component epoxy resin

cordobond standard

Cordobond Standard

Cordobond Standard is a two-component, fluid multifunctional repair product, consisting of a modified epoxy resin and activator.

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cordobond heavy duty

Cordobond Heavy Duty

Cordobond Heavy Duty is comparable to Cordobond Standard, but is reinforced with carborundum for extra heavy use and repairs.

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cordobond putty

Cordobond Putty

Cordobond Putty is a powerful two-component epoxy resin with a putty-like structure. After hardening the material is a strong as iron.

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cordobond steel putty

Cordobond Steel Putty

Cordobond Steel Putty is comparable to Cordobond Putty, but it is reinforced with carborundum for extra heavy use and repair.

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Repair Kits

We carry 2 standard types of repair kits, which include an extensive range of our products. Naturally we can supply a customized repair kit.

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Glas Fiber

Glas fiber tape is highly suitable for all types of lamination work for repairs and new constructions.

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What makes us the best

"Prevention is better than cure”. However, it is not always possible to prevent damage or defects from occurring. The Cordobond epoxy resins allow quick repairs to be conducted. Our philosophy therefore is based on the following principles: easy, quick and durable at the lowest possible cost.

Cordobond meets contemporary demands in the fields of safety, health and environment. Cordobond products are presently used for considerably more purposes than just for the repair of leaking pipes and barrels, in shipping as well as in manufacturing.

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