Years of experience
makes us the best

Strong by experience

Cordobond International BV has a long history and has existed now for many decades. Cordobond was developed during World War II as an emergency repair product for stricken warcraft. The product Cordobond was specifically developed to quickly and permanently repair steam, gas, water and oil pipes. Damage below the waterline or in watertight compartments and pipes required that the Cordobond repair product could be applied quickly and simply. It was paramount that repairs could be conducted under difficult conditions with a minimum of pre-treatment and without any other tools such as welding equipment being required.

The result was a revolutionary system that even exceeds modern day naval requirements and specifications.

Based on the systems developed in earlier days further adjustments and improvements have been implemented since then. The asbestos has been taken out of the product and today Cordobond meets contemporary demands in the fields of safety, health and environment. Cordobond products are presently used for considerably more purposes than just for the repair of leaking pipes and barrels, in shipping as well as in manufacturing.

"Prevention is better than cure”. However, it is not always possible to prevent damage or defects from occurring. The Cordobond epoxy resins allow quick repairs to be conducted. Our philosophy therefore is based on the following principles: easy, quick and durable at the lowest possible cost.

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